Fall Bootcamp Gardening Teleseminar


  • Tired of having Fears and Frustrations around Growing your own food?
  • Looking for Fool Proof Methods to Grow Fruits and Vegetables in your Garden?
  • Believing you can Save Money by Eating the Fruits of your Labor?
  • Wanting to protect your health by knowing the Low Down on GMO’s?
  • Believing that Gardening can reduce some Stress in your Life?


Over the last year on many occasions, clients would call or ask at the Nursery–When are you going to hold a “How to (fill in the blank) Grow More Veggies, Soil Management, Water requirements, Seed Saving, Fertilization” Seminar?  I was always at odds how to gather the Speakers I wanted (Some of whom are not in my own backyard) and gather the size group to make it a well meaning party! A lightbulb went off about a month ago–I think I can get everyone I want as a Speaker on the phone together once a week–and hold an Amazing Garden How to Seminar (Bootcamp!) and no will have to leave their house, car or computer! Everyone is of course always welcome at AWE nursery but this Teleseminar proved to be a rare opportunity that came together in about a week! Here is our Line-Up of Expert Speakers to get you ready for Fall Planting…The FABULOUS thing is you Do Not have to be present for the live calls (Although we highly encourage it–Because all guests will have a Q and A after thier lecture:

Amie Guyette Hall–Square foot Gardening Guru, Radio Host of “The Green Gate”

Scott Daigre–The Genius behind TOMATOMANIA!

David King–Founding Father of the Seed Library of Los Angeles (SLOLA)

Norma Bonilla–The Mystery of your Soil unleashed!

Tara Cook-Littman–Former Prosecuting Attorney turned Passionate Food Advocate

Dr. Jeffrey Rutstein–Gardening for your Mental Health-Benefits of Getting Dirty!

Questions? Call the studio…626.345.0133 or email us at: ardenwoods@gmail.com

or click the below link and Purchase all 6 Classes!


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