Sweet Little Southern California Sweet Peas!

Could it be already? So you have potentially cleaned out your Spring and Summer Garden and notice a few blank spots here and there. If you are quick about it, and do not dither, here in Southern California you can pop some sweet pea seeds into the ground and have blooms by the end of December, early January.  Here is the deal though–they HAVE to be day length neutral or Early varieties. Some of those would be “Mammoth” “Early Spencer” “Early Flowering Multiflora” some others are ” Winter Elegance” “Velvet Elegance”

It is too hot to plant the English varieties right now. (Cupani, etc) but even if you did accidentally plant them now they would bloom around late Spring.  Here are a few key tips from Pat Welsh:

  • Always make sure you have a nice North South Bed in full blasting Sun.
  • Amend your soil so that you have at least a good amount of compost or manure to the bed you are going to plant them in.
  • Soaking your seeds overnight in warmish water or clipping the ends with a toenail clipper will give the little seeds a head start.
  • Give them a good home in the ground and water every day through our Fall heat.

Voila! You should be posting your sweet little sweet pea pix somewhere around December or January! Please let us know how you do.

Garden Love,



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