Adieu Spring and Summer Adieu…

Every Fall I have the same problem. Yes even me, organic nursery owner, landscape designer and overall pretty grounded person when it comes to nature. I just can NOT bare to throw away the old veg if it looks like they might still produce.  Clearly, they are past their prime. The leaves are wilting. The fruit is coming in less and less frequently, and still I grip on tight and hope against hope that this does not mean (gulp) Summer is actually over. No more outdoor BBQs, No more swim parties, No more carefree running around barefoot, (although we are pretty barefoot in this house most seasons) Frozen-y treats and another birthday has passed for me. Yes, maybe each Fall I realize that I am one year older and one more Summer is gone.

Which the thought in itself is odd. Due to the fact that Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season. I love Back to School feelings, I love the change in leaves, I LOVE Halloween, Thanksgiving and the impending of the Holidays. Love it all. However, I still do find it hard to rip a potentially viable plant out of the ground and just pitch it in the bin.  It might be my thrifty mentality. It might be my preserver of the Earth save all living things ideals, Hell it might be because I nurtured these darn plants from seed back in JANUARY!! Whatever it IS, what it isn’t is helping me move forward to my fall garden.

As I type this I think…Hmmm Fall=Lettuce. Fall=Broccoli. Fall=Rapini. Fall=Cauliflower. Fall=Peas. Fall=Lettuce (Did I happen to mention I LOVE LETTUCE from my own garden??) I get excited at the thought of the new season and the new opportunities that await outside my kitchen door to a bounty of goodness that my family and I will pick each afternoon. Fall is also all about cozy sweaters, reposing and thinking about how to burrow in and take care of ourselves for the upcoming Season.

If you are having problems saying Adieu. Do not Fret or feel alone. Think of the possibilities and how many delightful Fall salads you are going to gobble up!

Happy Planting and Garden Love,



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