When I started this blog…it was just supposed to be a documentation of things happening at the nursery and design studio. You know. the day to day. Not like anyone was reading it. Just a record of what happened that day of any interest to mainly I guess myself down the road. Did it Frost in Early February or was that March? Of course what with being a Mom, Designer and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer at my petite Nursery that left little time to document this whole Shabang. But I digress. I was recently moved by a friends new blog…Kelli Bean is one of the most intelligent ladies I have been blessed with meeting and spending time with. She is an inspiring Writer, Homeschooler and all around Super Model Mom. (No really she is drop dead gorgeous) So I just read a few of her posts and got a bit inspired to ask myself “Why do I blog”? and I can’t really say that I know. So I will just continue to sometimes document this thing I am doing and hope that something “turns up in the wash” as my mom used to say.

A lot has been happening the last few weeks with my health. A decline in energy and overall stamina which led to a few trips to the e.r. and urgent calls to my favorite doctor led me bedbound and not really thinking of anything but surviving through this mess, and just feeling back to my normal spunky self.

I had to finally look away from the news today and concentrate on what I can do to make the Planet a bit better today, and that is seed 20 trays of vegetables and water the nursery. That is just the small bit I had to give. So I did.


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