Bundle up baby! It’s cold out there!

This has been a crazy few weeks. We got 1200 tomatoe seedlings started. 1600 basil seedlings a few hundred this that and the other in the squash, melon and cucumber category going. So between planting, watering. frost protection and managing the nursery–this blog gets a bit neglected. Excuses Excuses.

One thing fun we participated in yesterday was the Altadena Urban Farmers Market. Looks like we will be back for March 20th. It is a monthly farmers market held at the Zane Gray Estate and is just really a special gathering of local artisians selling their goods in a super cool location.

Our good friends and Market neighbors, Winnetka Farms, put together a sampler basket of goodies that they grow from Italian Heirloom Seed. You can see from the photo that the fresh crispy colors, and textures are going to make some fab meals this week. This is the part of the life I am in that I just love. I have great friends with like-minded food awareness that grow amazing stuff, that I get to cook for my family. Tonight proved a tasty treat of the Leeks, Spring garlic, Fennel, Apple and Turnips in a puree. Absolutely Amazing!!



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