Winter Gardeners Unite!

As I type this, it is a delightful 78 degrees outside my studio in Pasadena, California. The Winter crops are still selling at the nursery and garden designers and chefs have yet to stop calling for their last minute winter gardens. I am struck by how glorious it is to live in a climate that offers us so many days to prosper in the kitchen garden.  It is also a bit frantic in my head, because as a designer and nursery owner..I have to always be at least 3 months ahead of those wanting to purchase our seedlings, as opposed to just solely focussing on what is actually go on in the present! So as I sit here, I am constantly drawn to look at the newest seed catalogues, and wonder how many varieties of tomatoes should I seed this year? is there ever too many?? What squash will people find interesting this year? Do we have enough heat mats to get those babies comfy in January and February?

Many of you have already planted your Winter Crops, some our still puttering and getting a few things in for January and February harvest. Never fear, with our lovely weather you can either squeeze a few things in, or hold out for March and our second season together.

Start planning now. Think about what you want to grow, and more specifically what you want to eat this year. The New Year is upon us and is filled with wonderful possibility of a garden full of fantastic fruits and vegetables, that you planted and harvested with your own hands!


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